Carine Magescas


Carine Magescas is a French photographer living and working in New York City. 

Through delicate overexposure and a minimalist approach, Carine Magescas captures a luminous haven of subdued serenity and minimal seascapes with a timeless and placeless quality. Peaceful and sophisticated, these familiar beach scenes speak universally, as their beauty evokes a sense of calm and purity.

The vast expanses of the beaches in Magescas’ images, rid of all seasonal furor, paired with her ability to strip the images down to just the perfect level to create her vision, bring a spontaneous sense of serenity. She has always had a fondness for deserted beaches, once the crowds have left; for her, they bring back memories of the beaches in South West France and Brittany, and the slight melancholy of the last days of summer.