Carine Magescas

Carine Magescas Interview

June 16, 2017 - The Photographer's House

Last year I was looking for a photographer, that a friend of mine said “just google ‘galleries in Minnesota’ and you will find their work.” So without a name but armed with a description of their work, I began my search. Usually Google is very good returning links closely related to my search requests; but not always. On this particular search Google returned in the list a gallery called Minnesota Street Project (actually a collection of galleries) which is located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. And specifically, a body of work from Carine Magescas titled “La Plage Blanche”. That proved to be serendipity at its most elegant. I was struck by her high-key style. You can immediately see that Magescas has chosen to only leave in her photographs what is necessary. Creating scenes that challenge us to see beaches in a new light. Whether you are looking at surfers waiting for the next wave that we cannot see or chairs lined up and hinting of ocean just beyond our sight, her photographs compel you to lean in and look a little deeper at what she has chosen to share with the viewer.