Eline De Jonge


Eline de Jonge is an award-winning artist who exhibits
internationally in Europe and the United States. She lived in New York as a student, and from that time on she has been fascinated by the city. Years later, she moved there again and remained for eight years. She found herself caught up in the energy of the
people and intrigued by the ever-changing neighborhoods. This wonderful transient property of the city was only emphasized by the interplay between bright, sunny days and the shadows they created on both the buildings and the people.

Her fascination resulted in a series of paintings depicting scenes such as Grand Central
Terminal, street scenes with moving taxicabs, the ice skaters in the Wolman rink in Central Park, and many Cityscapes, mixing architecture and people in a dynamic way. Whether it is the series Central Park Shadows, Shadows on Paris, Shadows on Snow, or NYC and Manhattan Vibes, the point of view in de Jonge’s work is from a height and at a distance, revealing
dramatic shadows.

Since returning to the Netherlands, de Jonge has added Paris, her favorite European city, to her portfolio. In 2012 she experimented and created a new outlook for her city shadows. As well as working on canvas, de Jonge began using different materials to enhance her message, such as large wooden panels with epoxy and encaustic wax finishes. She collages the New York Times and vintage maps of the city in her mixed media work. 

Painted walking figures and the shadows they cast create a sense of perpetual movement and space, a visceral impression of New York City informed by the artist’s own personal
perceptions. De Jonge is looking for balance between energy and contemplation, between movement and quietness. Although her paintings depict dynamic city scenes, they also convey a remarkable sense of calmness.

Eline works in an antique studio in the middle of nature in Blaricum, a Dutch arts colony, just outside Amsterdam. The studio was used by artists of “the Larense School”. De Jonge proudly points out that Piet Mondrian also worked there during summers in the early 1900’s and that this history transforms the studio into an inspired environment.

Eline de Jonge has executed numerous commissions in the United States and Europe. Her work is in private and corporate collections as well as in public buildings such as the
Amsterdam Courthouse and the Four Seasons Hotels in the U.S.A.