The LEGO WARS series is a photographic study of popular culture, commercial advertising and nostalgia. As an adult Dale May revisits these tiny plastic toys with images that return simple Legos to a place of epic importance -indeed reminding us why we once needed to collect every single piece.

Iconic and nostalgic, yet timeless, the artist offers a new take on an old subject. May leaves nothing to chance, not only is the work impeccably crafted and well thought out but the material he has chosen to produce the Lego Wars series was no accident. Dale felt that the entire piece of art should resemble the high polished glossiness of the subject itself. Crafted in archival acrylic and backed with aluminum dibond, the work is given a look not unlike the plastic Star Wars Lego or something in Darth Vader’s home, the Death Star itself!

Once made from molded plastic, standing just over an inch, and in danger of being stepped on, these characters now stand tall, speak to us and demand attention!

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Dec 15, 2011 – Jan 21, 2012