Above and Beyond - Works by Antoine Rose and Fran Gormley



Samuel Owen Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition of aerial photography, aptly titled Above and Beyond and featuring new work by two established photographers, Antoine Rose and Fran Gormley.  This will mark Ms. Gormley’s first show with the gallery.  Above and Beyond opens with a reception on Thursday, May 1 from 6 – 9 pm with both artists scheduled to attend and will be on view through May 31.

Mr. Rose focuses his lens on Miami’s coastline for his most recent work, the follow up to his successful Up In The Air exhibition from last summer, which beautifully captures beach scenes from above the Hamptons’ shore.  Mr. Rose facilitates this unique perspective by shooting from a helicopter, all doors removed, moving at approximately 20 knots 300 feet above the Earth.

Since Ms. Gormley’s first helicopter shoot in the Camargue in 2006 she has been fascinated by the perspective an aerial photo shoot provides, even overcoming a lifelong fear of flying to capture the dynamic images of our planet’s organic beauty. Ms. Gormley’s photographs immortalize the hidden splendor of natures seemingly otherworldly landscapes in such places as Ethiopia and Iceland.  Raised in New Jersey far from any exotic setting, she worked hard to win scholarships and grants to overcome her humble beginnings.  After a successful career in advertising, she established and sold a brand-consulting firm and was free to pursue her first love:  photography. Ms. Gormley is particularly interested in exploring photography’s relationship to painting and sculpture, with her focus on capturing the dreamlike point at which reality becomes abstraction.


For more information about Above and Beyond please contact Nancy Meckel at nancy@samuelowen.com / 203.422.6500.

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Above and Beyond - Works by Antoine Rose and Fran Gormley

May 1 – May 31, 2014