Up In Arms, a one night event organized by Samuel Owen Gallery in partnership with #UNLOAD, is an exhibition of guns in art created by contemporary artists and on view at Samuel Owen Gallery Studio in Stamford CT on Thursday, March 8, from 6-8 pm.

#UNLOAD is an arts-based initiative that seeks to drive consensus around one of the most divisive issues today: gun violence. #UNLOAD believes in the power of the arts to drive change in society. Artists have the ability to startle our emotions, persuade us to embrace a paradigm shift in our thinking, and inspire us to unite in common purpose. So, in this era when mass shootings are commonplace and legislative solutions woefully lacking, artists use photography, theater, film, fine arts, dance and the spoken word to help us examine anew our relationship to guns and catalyze the challenging conversations from which consensus and solutions can emerge.

Samuel Owen Gallery has curated a group of works by contemporary artists for this exhibition who actively explore the subject of guns and gun culture. The show is intended to incite thought and conversation about guns and gun violence. The effect of experiencing the work of these artists – artists who are compelled to explore the problematic and emotional relationship we have with guns and objects of violence in our society and in our culture –  is both startling and challenging.

 Guns have the ability evoke dynamic viewpoints and unique visual expressions arise from commenting on a confrontational and complex subject. The event will offer the unique opportunity for viewers to participate in the conversation about guns and gun violence by anonymously texting comments about each piece using a unique code that will accompany the work of art. These comments will be displayed in real time on monitors around the event and archived to share with the participating artists.

Participating artists include - Shepard Fairey, Laurence Vallieres, Dale May, Salavat Fidai, Dan Tague, Michael Scoggins, Nick Veasey, Charles Patrick, Ruby Anemic, Federico Uribe, Christopher Schulz, Gregory Siff and Magnus Gjoen.



Mar 8 – Mar 30, 2018